Enjoy Travelling & Supporting

the places that you love!

What is Touristarter?

Touristarter is a crowdfunding platform for tourism! 

Touristarter helps hotels to restyle rooms for the next season! 

Touristarter helps natural parks to improve their services for bikers! 

Touristarter helps tourists (yeah them too!) to choose brand new holidays! 

Touristarter helps travellers to “find and fund” accomodation in brand new places! 

Touristarter is all this and much more!

Tourist Benefits

  • Brand new experiences: crowdfunding inspires innovation, projects aim to propose innovative services!
  • Brand new places: forget awful smelly hostels, when you crowdfund renovation, you’ll get just restyled accomodation!
  • Make the market: by choosing to crowdfund a project you tell to other tourism businesses which kind of service you appreciate!
  • Get special offers: crowdfunding rewards are usually the best value of the moment!
  • Get special service: project owners will serve you in the best way for the launch of their services!
  • Help somebody to build a dream: there’s nothing that makes me feeling better than thinking I just helped somebody to realize a dream!

Businesses Benefits

  • Get money: sure, the first goal of crowdfunding projects is to get money to do something great!
  • Avoid debts: if you get all the money you need to launch the new service, you can skip getting a loan!
  • Test the market: if tourists back your project, it means they love it, if they don’t, it’s good not to proceed!
  • Get help for innovation: the process of crowdfunding will stimulate you to think at the best innovation for your business!
  • Increase visibility: without investing more money, a crowdfunding campaign can give you more visibility than typical advertising!
  • Achieve knowledge and experience to use crowdfunding as the best cost-effective pre-sales and marketing strategy!